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IAM Group Ltd - Japan Charity

A blog about IAM Group's charity unit in Japan.


IAM Group Limited Japan Yokohama is a loose group of Christians worldwide with the idea of bringing back basic giving and sharing. We welcome all contributors from anywhere in the world. IAM Group Ltd is based in Seoul, Korea but small groups and communities are now formed in Yokohama, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and as far as Idaho, USA; European countries and many more!

Starving Artists and Entitled Bullies: The Economics of Book Blogging

Reblogged from The Book Lantern:

"We’re going to do something that’s considered impolite in many circles. We’re going to talk about money, specifically the cost of being an unpaid book blogger. The economics of this issue are so often misunderstood, wilfully or otherwise, so perhaps this will enlighten some individuals."